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Travel Nursing

Journey Beyond Boundaries: Travel Nursing with TLC Travel Staff
Chart a course where adventure intersects with purpose. Travel nursing presents a unique blend of professional growth and personal exploration, allowing you to extend your healing touch across diverse settings while experiencing the tapestry of cultures, communities, and landscapes. Whether you're an avid traveler with a nursing background or a seasoned nurse craving new horizons, TLC Travel Staff is your trusted compass in navigating this exhilarating path.

Career Opportunities

Friendly Young Doctor


"Day One" Insurance:

Medical, Dental, Vision, & 401k


Top Bonuses

Referral bonuses for RN at $750, LPN at $500

Waving in Headphones

Dedicated Recruiters

Trained and skilled recruiters that are dedicated to you

What to Expect

Our agency understands the unique needs of healthcare travelers, offering top-tier benefits, competitive compensation, and personalized support throughout your assignments. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant bustle of city life or the tranquility of rural landscapes, we're here to make your transition smooth and your experiences extraordinary.

Allow a Certified Recruiter to do the work for you! TLC Recruiters are your personal success agents who are certified experts in your specialty


Working with our certified Recruiters = Multiple Offers

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Sign up

  2. Meet your dedicated Recruiter

  3. Travel to an adventure of a lifetime

Featured Travel Nursing Jobs



Est Start Date


Exotic Urbanism




Misty Mountains




Love the One You're With

Healthcare Worker with Patient

Jennifer, RN

This agency is an outstanding company whose staff know what it is to be a travel nurse and who really care about me as a nurse.

Male Nurse

Thiah, RN

I have been with 4 travel companies since I started traveling and they by far were the most supportive when I really needed help. 


Jordan A, RN

I'm on my 4th Travel Contract with Mynela. They have been extremely helpful and they always make sure I get the best pay wherever I go.

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