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Per Diem

Seize the Day: Unlock Per Diem Opportunities with TLC Travel Staff
Embrace flexibility, diversity, and balance in your healthcare career with Per Diem opportunities. Ideal for professionals seeking dynamic work experiences without long-term commitments, Per Diem jobs offer the unique advantage of choosing when and where you work, allowing you to align your job with your lifestyle.

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, there's a rising demand for dedicated professionals ready to step in and make a difference, one day at a time. Whether you're looking to supplement your full-time position, gain exposure to various healthcare settings, or simply crave the variety, Per Diem roles offer the best of all worlds.

Career Opportunities

Doctor and Patient

Daily Pay

Recieve 70% of your pay the day after you work to have cash when you need it


Flexible Scheduling

Choose your own schedule and work around your needs while helping patients

Waving in Headphones

Dedicated Recruiters

Trained and skilled recruiters who are dedicated to you and are certified

What to Expect

TLC Travel Staff is committed to bridging the gap between talented healthcare professionals and the institutions that need them most. Here, you'll discover a curated list of Per Diem opportunities across specialties and locations, each tailored to fit your unique aspirations and availability.

Ready to take charge of your schedule and maximize your potential? Explore the world of Per Diem opportunities with TLC Travel Staff today!

Allow a Certified Recruiter to do the work for you! TLC Recruiters are your personal success agents who are certified experts in your specialty.


Working with our certified Recruiters = Multiple Offers

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Sign up

  2. Meet your dedicated Recruiter

  3. Start an adventure of a lifetime

Shifts Available for the following:


Southern California

Rates Starting At:

CNA's: $20/hr


Central Texas

Rates Starting At:

CNA: $18/hr

LPN: $30/hr

Image by Jon Grogan

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rates Starting At:

CNA's: $20/hr


North Carolina

Rates Starting At:

CNA: $18/hr

LPN: $35/hr

Registered Nurse: $43/hr

Image by Rome Wilkerson

Houston, Texas

Rates Starting At:

PCA: $18/hr

Radiology Tech: $35/hr

Surgical Tech: $40/hr

Registered Nurse: $50/hr



Rates Starting At:

CNA: $18/hr

LPN: $32/hr


Love the One You're With

Healthcare Worker with Patient

Natasha, RN

This is a fabulous company to work for. They have your best interest at heart and follow through on things negotiated.

Male Nurse

Cindy, RN

They’re upfront and honest about rates and the pay is the best I’ve seen in 5 years of travel nursing. If you’re thinking of your next agency, you can’t do better than TLC.


Kristi, RN

It's the only company I will deal with. Every assignment I go I’m always paid better than the other travelers. I can call day or night and get a call back right away.

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