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Performing Surgery

Operating Room

Discover Opportunities in the Heart of Healthcare: Operating Room Jobs

Step into a world where precision meets passion. Operating Room (OR) jobs offer professionals a chance to be at the forefront of medical interventions, making a direct and lasting impact on patient lives. Whether you're a seasoned OR veteran or a budding professional eager to carve your niche, our platform brings you closer to diverse opportunities tailored to your expertise.

Career Opportunities

Friendly Young Doctor


"Day One" Insurance:

Medical, Dental, Vision, & 401k


Top Bonuses

Referral bonuses for RN at $750, Scrub Tech at $200

Waving in Headphones

Dedicated Recruiters

Trained and skilled recruiters that are dedicated to you

What to Expect

As a vital member of our team, you'll play a crucial role in advancing healthcare through your expertise in the operating room. Our agency recognizes the specialized skills you bring to the table, offering a supportive community and competitive benefits that fuel your growth. Step into an arena where your passion for precision meets our commitment to excellence, and together, let's redefine healthcare's frontiers. 

Allow a Certified Recruiter to do the work for you! TLC Recruiters are your personal success agents who are certified experts in your specialty


Working with our Certified Recruiters = Multiple Offers

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Sign up

  2. Meet your dedicated Recruiter

  3. Start an adventure of a lifetime

Featured Operating Room Jobs



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Love the One You're With

Healthcare Worker with Patient

Natasha, RN

This is a fabulous company to work for. They have your best interest at heart and follow through on things negotiated.

Male Nurse

Cindy, RN

They’re upfront and honest about rates and the pay is the best I’ve seen in 5 years of travel nursing. If you’re thinking of your next agency, you can’t do better than TLC.


Kristi, RN

It's the only company I will deal with. Every assignment I go I’m always paid better than the other travelers. I can call day or night and get a call back right away.

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