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Empowering Tech for the Modern Healthcare Professional

Dashboard view of TLC app displayed on a laptop and mobile phone, showcasing an organized interface for healthcare job opportunities and resources.

Welcome to TLC's state-of-the-art application system, where technology empowers you. Our platform is meticulously crafted to not just serve, but also to empower travel healthcare providers. Here's how our tech-driven approach makes all the difference:

Rich, Real-time Job Information:

  • Real-time updates: In Healthcare Staffing, jobs can open and fill really quickly, but now you'll know about open assignments right away. From our real-time email notifications to our job list that is updated several times per hour, you'll know when new positions are available!

  • Location Insight: Know immediately where exciting opportunities await.

  • Specialty Breakdown: Tailored details about the area of expertise required.

  • Transparent Pay Packages: Instant clarity on your compensation from the first time to every time. You get our best honest pay-package from the start and don't have to worry about competitive wages. 

  • Notes: Get direct insights about the jobs, ensuring you're always in the know.

Candidate browsing job listings on TLC's application system through a laptop, viewed from an over-the-shoulder angle.
Over-the-shoulder view of a candidate uploading their resume to the TLC application system via mobile phone.

Swift and Efficient Application Process:

  • Resume Tech: Upload your resume, and let our technology extract the essentials to expedite your application.

  • Optimized Quick Application: Fewer clicks, more precision, saving you valuable time.

Candidate completing a skills checklist on TLC application system via laptop, viewed from an over-the-shoulder angle

Expedited Skills Checklist:

  • Real-time Skill Mapping: Stay updated with the latest requirements in your specialty, ensuring your skills are always aligned with demand.

  • Cloud Sync: If you've got recent skills checklists or references, just sync them with our system through your recruiter. No redundancy, pure efficiency.

Smart Reference System:

  • Seamless Entry: Easily input the details of 1 Manager and either a Shift Manager or Charge Nurse. For an edge in the application process, consider providing two managerial references.

  • Efficient Requests: Add more references with ease and consider sending your references a reminder directly for an optimized response experience.

  • Boosted Response Rate: Through our tech-driven system, we reach out to your references via email or text, ensuring swift responses and a faster vetting process.

Candidate entering professional references into TLC's application system on a laptop, viewed from an over-the-shoulder angle.

Blending Technological Excellence with Personal Touch: The TLC Travel Staff Promise

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, TLC Travel Staff champions the fusion of technology and human touch. While our platform offers real-time data and a seamless application experience to keep you ahead, we also deeply value the irreplaceable human connection. We are dedicated to harnessing tech solutions that empower without overshadowing the significance of personal relationships and trust. Our commitment isn't just to technological excellence but also to maintaining the highest standards of customer service in the industry. At TLC Travel Staff, you don't just get the best of tech, but a dedicated team passionately working to help you define your TLC Journey with both innovation and heart.

Image by Jose Vazquez
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